Oct 31, 2010

MONDAY 110110

Greg Glassman says that we fail at the 'margins of our experience'. So only by going to margins can we increase our work/tolerance/competence. Thats where we plan to go this month - there will be some new exercises and new formats. Warmup exercises and skills training may be just as important as the WOD because they get things out of 'your margins' before the workout.   Having said all that we start within our margins today for exercise and format, but, I know that 'getting under' a heavy squat clean for most folks is outside our comfort zone. The way to beat this is incrementally - build confidence by doing multiple repetitions of a full squat clean at a weight that is heavy but comfortable. Don't let yourself off the hook by doing power cleans. Continue to increase the weight until you find the 5RM you can squat clean.

Squat Clean 5-5-5-5-5 go here to see how its done.


Cool down - See KStars squat vid below - he sits in a squat for ten minutes and works ROM. If you can do 10 minutes straight then cool - otherwise accumulate.


Phil B said...

135 across. felt pretty good so did 155 across for 3 more sets of 5.

had to break up the squat sits into 3 min intervals.

james said...


good to see a crowd in this morning

George said...

135, 135, 135, 155, 155; then just to check my form with a heavy weight i did 2 at 175

Straus said...

First time for squat cleans.
5x5x 95 lbs.

craigrr said...

135, 155, 155, 175, 175; George coached me through these - I didn't completely open my hip on reps 4 & 5 for both 175 rds; it felt good but technique at the end was off

Squat for 10min broken; I worked on keeping a good lumbar curve and tight core but it was a fleeting attempt; from the squat I worked on alternating to the left and right and pointing one arm in the air attempting to get it straight over head; I could hold for 10 - 20 sec; I am anticipating the soreness tomorrow

Rich said...

125, 125, 125, 125, 135 for 1 rep. I think I could have done 130. I think I struggle with confidence doing the heavier weights just like on squats and deadlifts Friday. I didn't get to 10 mins of squats- probably closer to 5.

Brandon said...

135 across

Aofe Lasz said...

Great work you are doing Techfileoria