Oct 17, 2010

MONDAY 101810

Buddy workout

20 Rounds for time (10 per man)

Crossfitter 1: row 150m
Crossfitter 2: max pull ups

Once Crossfitter one has done their 150m change tasks. Keep doing this until you have completed 10 rounds each ie. rowed 1500m each. If by some chance you drop off the bar whilst your partner is still rowing take a 5 burpee penalty.

- add all your burpee penalties together and do them after the WOD but your total time is the time taken by the team to do the 20 rounds and any burpee penalties. The clock doesn't stop until the burpees are done !!
- you can only get one penalty per round so if you drop off the bar then get back up and keep going - if you fall off again there is no additional penalty for that round.
- You can just hang around on the bar not doing pullups but not falling off
- a teams total score is the total time minus the number of pullups (pull ups convert to seconds). So a team time of 12 minutes and a team total of 180 pullups would give a final time of 9 minutes.


Rich said...

God, math at 5:30am. Nice.

Bill said...

My wife and I are PCSing there soon. Are the 0530 classes structured (coaches present) or start whenever you want? Thanks

George said...

good work by all this morning. Rob did most of our pullups.
raw 17:16 adjusted: 15:01
pullups: 136
burpees: 45

Hoys said...

Hoys/Neal total time 18:56

adjusted 15:08
pull ups 228
burpees 30

Neal says I only love him for his pull ups. It's hard to deny....dude's a pull up machine.

But neither of us row very fast.(critical vulnerability)

This WOD is a grip destroyer. (grip-critical vulnerability).

Got TORCH on the mind.

james said...

Rich and James - end score 16:21.

Bill - they aren't structured classes at 0530 - just a bunch of like minded folks doing the WOD - that said there are normally 3 - 8 L1 coaches there who are willing to help however we can. Each month we run a series of four fundamentals classes which are very structured. Hit me up on james.davis143@us.army.mil if you need to know more.

Jim - can I use your post in my exam?

craigrr said...

One alibi on George/Rob score: raw time was 16:17; with 136 pull ups that gives a time of 14:01; my shoulders were up for more pull ups but my grip was the short-coming; after round 5 it was preferable to do straight pull ups than to kip

Neal/Hoys - very impressive on pull ups

Bill - one additionl note on the facilities here at Ft. Leavenworth. We have a great facility here. It is run by MWR and therefore it is open to the public just like any MWR gym. You don't havae to be a member of our affiliate or any other affiliate to work out here. But as James said, there are certain times of the day e.g. during PT hours that you will find an awesome group for camaraderie and coaching.

Justin said...

Matt / Justin final time: 14:13

raw: 15:59
PU: 106
Burpees: 30

Pushed hard on the row to make up for pull-ups, then just hanged on

Rich said...

That was a fun workout- good change of pace. Good idea, George.

Bill- feel free to come join us when you get into town. The 5:30 crowd is worth it.

Phil B said...

after a restless weekend, rest was required. did clean work this afternoon. 135# HPC, 155# squat cleans

Bill said...

Thank you all for your comments. My wife and I are looking foward to a tough WOD with you guys.