Oct 10, 2010

MONDAY 101110


Thrusters @ 95lb

Does it get any more CrossFit than this? If you need inspiration just watch Annie for a minute or two.


Phil B said...

thought i'd throw a little variation on a classic in there today. Fran using 2x 53#KBs (one in each hand) and ring pullups. it was the most difficult fran i've done since my first. 9:15. just as a source of comparison, my PR for regular fran is 4:16. ouch. thanks to eldridge for motivating me through the "near-throwup" phase.

neal, you continue to be my local crossfit hero.

George said...

scaled to 75 on thrusters to keep up intensity
5:13, new PR at that weight

Neal said...

Awesome work by George this morning! And a big congratulations to George and family...tomorrow they'll have a newborn. We'll keep you guys in our prayers.

Phil, I'm just glad you didn't make me do the Fran variation you did...looks like it was a killer. And thanks for the motivational Word you had this morning.

(Normal) Fran as rx'd: 3:32.

craigrr said...

Didn't make it to the gym today but got to the pool this afternoon; would have been good to share the suck of Fran with you guys

800m swim 19:03

Bedellb said...

You know, from the video and her height, she was not going down all the way to HER squat position. Impressive - absloutely. I'm just saying'.