Sep 14, 2010


Skill: Overhead Squats

Knees to Elbows

Fight Gone Bad looms on the Horizon. If you want some tips on increasing your row score read this from the CrossFit Journal


Phil B said...

rx'd: 5:45

worked OHS w/ KBs and bar

Matt H said...

As RXd - 9:02

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

rxed 6.11

George has done up a neat FGB FAQ which is here if you have questions.


Brandon said...

9:00 as rx'd

George said...

RX: 6:50

then got some good coaching tips from James and Phil on OHS

Iron Major Crossfit has raised almost $3,000. FGB 5 has raised over $645,000.

Neal said...

5:29 as rx'd.

Thanks to James for some great OHS coaching after the WOD.

Adam said...

As Rx'd: 6:45

craigrr said...

400m run (measured by pace count)
25 x air squats
25 x burpees
400m still TDY in McLean, VA; I marked out a 200m course along the sidewalk outside the hotel; run was very slow; my ankle is hurting from over use the past 10 days; squats and burpees completed without break

Jen B said...

10:09 I did laces to bar instead of knees to elbows...