Sep 7, 2010


Fundamentals Class

Skill: Hand stand (not the push up) use wall and bands as necessary 

Tabata Something Else
in order, no rest between exercises…
Double Unders
Push ups
Sit ups

Tabata: For twenty seconds do as many reps of the assigned exercise as you can - then rest 10 seconds.
Repeat this seven more times for a total of 8 intervals, 4 minutes total exercise. In this case four exercises - total 16 minutes work.The score is the least number of reps for any of the eight intervals.

So what is metabolic conditioning anyway ? wondering what CrossFit does for cardio training ?

A reminder that fundamentals is on again at 0600 hrs in Harney Gym.


Phil B said...

i see you were paying attention to my nemesis exercise. curse you.

George said...

held against the wall for a 2x 20 count (not seconds...)
DU: high 15, low 5
PU: high 18, low 12
SU: high 11, low 10
sqt: high 17, low 15

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Matt H said...

Pull ups- 5
Push ups- 5
SU- 10
sqt- 10

Justin said...

Exchanged Pull-ups for DUs


Brandon said...

exchanged pullups for DUs

Phil B said...

humbling day.
DU: low 5
PU: low 7
SU: low 12
Sqt: low 15

Adam said...

DU: high 18, low 7
PU: high 21, low 11
SU: high 14, low 12
SQ: high 19, low 13

craigrr said...

DU - 24
Push ups - 13
Sit ups - 10
Squats - 17

Neal said...

DU- 25
Push-ups- 12
Sit-ups- 14
Squats- 15

Total- 66

Jen B said...

DUs continue to elude me...

PU: 10
SU: 11
squats: 16

Who doesn't love a little Tabata fun??!!

Nick said...

this literally kicked my booty today. My jump rope is vicious when I miss double unders.

DU: High 15 Low 5
PU: High 20 Low 15
Sit Up: High 20 Low 15
Sqt: High 20 Low 15

I'm registered for FGB with IMCF.. of course, Im at Bragg.. so can someone send me my tshirt (assuming I raise enough money)