Sep 13, 2010

TUESDAY 800838

Warm Up - Turkish Get Up - see article and video for more info.

'The Crippler'

30 x back squat @ BW
Run 1 mile

For the one mile run we will use the 'Murph' course....modified ......the last course was a little long.

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George said...

RX: 15:32 at 205#

running is a continued weakness.

Don't forget to register for FGB 5. Only 3 and a butt days remaining.

Neal said...

9:17 as rx'd (175# body weight back squat)

Brandon said...

can we do FGB without raising money?

Phil B said...

rx'd: 9:31
Bodywt - 153, 155 on the bar.
Pleasantly surprised on the squats (unbroken) and the run (just starting running 1 mi two weeks ago).

Brandon, I'm pretty sure can do FGB without raising money, just to participate in the event. However, check with George or James to confirm that.

BC said...

11:00 170 bodyweight, but did 175 squats. Completed squats in two sets. Ankle calf getting better, but still hindering running. 8:00 mile. SHould be under 7:00.

George said...

yes, if you can just register through so we plan total number of participants.


monroe said...

10:34 Rxd BW 175
Squats broken, 21/9. Lost focus.

Nick said...

I have my moolah in.. however, I will be doing FGB here at bragg .. by myself.. all lonley.. sad face here..
but .. I still want my tshirt! can you mail it to me! thanks!

Jen B said...

11:09 with 75# on the bar. I tried to concentrate on form on the squats.
My legs are still recovering from Dances with Dirt, the trail race I did over the weekend:

If you ever get a chance to do one of these races, they are crazy fun.

craigrr said...

Did Mon. WOD
27:24 w/rds 9 & 10 broken
very difficult, disappointed in performance

George said...

no problem. email me your address and I'll send you the shirts when I get them.