Sep 27, 2010

TUESDAY 092810

For time

400m run
21 x box jumps (24/20)
21 x L- pull ups
21 x wall balls (20/14)
400m run
15 x Box Jumps
15 x L-Pull ups
15 x Wall Balls
400m run
9 x Box jumps
9 x  L-pullups
9x  wallballs
400m run

Post time to comments.

Some good words from Blair Morrison about potential.


james said...

18:45 sort of rx - 5 strict L pullups then the rest knees up. It wasn't pretty.

Gary P said...

21:16-- No L to the pullups and had band assist. Floor wipers added in 21,15,9 afterwards to try to make up for the diminished core work.

BC said...

16:37 as rx'd. Took longer than I was expecting. L pullups 10, 10, 5

George said...

scaled to 20" box and all kipping pullups

Phil B said...

rx'd: 17:55
had to break up the L's, but got'r done.
sub'd box stepups for box jumps due to ankle.

Jen B said...

total ass kicker for me today...first workout back after 10 days TDY...I ran almost every day but could not find a pullup bar...
I did kipping pullups with some blue band assist
my playlist included "lunatic fringe," springsteen's "born to run," and "bulletproof". Seemed appropriate for this WOD.

Adam said...

As RX'd 17:30....ouch!

craigrr said...

17:29 as Rx'd; I need a break from the running part of WODs, my ankle is throbbing still; I was sub-ing row and stationary bike for a while, but it's hard to scale when there is a good group up for a WOD

Matt said...

22:47. L pullups in sets of 3-5 after the first round.

Rich said...

17:45; Knees up pull ups, 15, 9, 6; everything else as RXd.

C.L. said...

Saw this one and had to include it in the CrossFit Miramar programming: 15:40 as rx'd
The affiliate is coming along...still generating interest out here. Coming up on my one-year anniversary with CF: thanks, IMCF