Sep 15, 2010


Skill: practice then max double unders in 2 minutes


3 x 30 sec L-sit


Front Squat. Sets across. Post loads to comments.


There is another fundamentals course 11 -15 Oct 10 and a Fight Gone Bad FAQ posted today.


james said...

DU 54

185,185,185, 195, 195 (F)

Big thanks to the Tabata group at the end, Neil for the nudge on the weight on the Front squats and Stewart from CF results who has organized a jumping castle for FGB.

BC said...

Did lighter weight more sets to get form down. 155 x 10 sets

George said...

stretched and did 4x800
3:47, 3:37, 3:40, 3:42; rough morning getting up and trying to push myself to run fast

Adam said...

100 on the DUs

um....L-sits (on the rings)....SUCKS

FS: 175-175-175-175-175

Neal said...

DU= 141

L-Sits: 29 sec, 26 sec, 22 sec (did 15 sec worth of penalty time for a fourth set)

Front Squat= 175, 175, 175, 185, 185

One round of Tabata Push-ups

More great coaching from James...this time on front squat. Need to focus on driving weight through heels.