Sep 1, 2010


Ah 'Primordial violence, hatred,  and enmity' - IMCF rocks Nancy and some sandbag pain

Skills. Do some practice and then max double unders in 2 minutes. Then ....

21 -15 9 reps of:

Ring dips
Burpees (Yay)

I am still reeling a little from the APFRI 'Chocolate Milk is good' offensive so needed to spend some time on the CrossFit Hollywood Nutrition Blog.


Phil B said...

James, I follow paleo about 97% of the time, but DAGGUM I love some chocolate milk after a hard workout. Especially Shatto! Can't beat it!

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

I believe our speaker the other day advocated a reversal of those ratios. On a side issue - George and I were contacted today by the ROTC guys from K -state. Hopefully we will see a few of them at FGB V. Good stuff.

Hoys said...

pretty much a goose egg on the DUs...thanks to Rich for some pointers.

4:14 on the dips/burpee

Phil B said...

DU's remain my nemesis. Thanks Rich for the help.

4:06 on the WOD.

james said...

60 DU, 5.57 for the WOD.

Neal said...

137 on the DUs.

6:02 on the WOD. Please, somebody coach me on the ring dips...I'm hurtin!!

See you tomorrow morning...James, Jim (you didn't know this yet, but now ya do), and I are gonna start at 0515 so we'd love to see you there if you can make it...should be fun.

craigrr said...

87 on DU

7:05 w/HSPU sub for ring dips; ring dips still hurt my shoulders; I'm planning a 0515 start as well

Adam said...

91 on the DUs and 5:36 on the WOD. It's amazing how quickly the difficulty rises on the ring dips.