Sep 29, 2010


Skills - muscle ups then for time:


45lb thrusters
100ft farmers carry with 55lb KB (one each hand)

Some interesting discussion on sleep positions from CrossFit Fenway.


Phil B said...

for the record...the original "king" also had 21-15-9 reps of parallette pushups (feet elevated) in addition to the other exercises...but far be it from me to want to increase the suffering.

james said...

2.18 - and some good muscle up practice. thanks to Phil for som good coaching on coaching.

Phil B said...

rx'd: 2:17. It may be "fun" to do this one back to back next time. Essentially 2 two rounds of 21-15-9. good fun with the coaching this morning.

Justin said...

rx'd: 1:48

I agree with Phil a "double" king or a 21-15-9-9-15-21 would make things a lot more interesting.

Still need work on muscle-ups transitions

Hoys said...

2:27. Saw some great baggage handlers this AM.

also did 5 5 5 5 5 on bench at
205, 215, 225f, 215, 210

George said...

2:45, now i know what a good fran time feels like

made up yesterdays bench at
185, 205, 205, 195, 200

Brandon said...

2:45 forced myself to slow down and try to use my lower body to launch the bar up. A "double king" would be cool, but a different workout. I would do my first round slower to allow for a decent pace on the 2nd.

got my first muscle up today (feet starting on the floor)

Neal said...


Made up Bench Press from yesterday (5-5-5-5-5): 205, 215, 225, 235, 235(f)

Major back foul on reps at 235# (back came off bench)...gotta fix that.

Brandon, Awesome work on getting your first MU...good stuff.

craigrr said...

2:36as Rx'd

Did unit PT today - The Data Dawg Run. It is something that could be used for officer PT. Essentially it becomes a race to not get caught by the fastest officer in the battalion. Based on the last APFT 2-mile (or any other recorded event), everyone gets a headstart over the fastest time. Their headstart is the difference between their time and the Data Dawg's time. For example, my 14:00min 2 mile against Neal's 11:30min 2-mile gives me a 2:30min headstart. In theory, we should finish at the same time, but it never works out that way. There are a few other small rules that if anyone wants I have a .ppt on it. The bad news of the day: Near the end, I got caught by the Data Dawg!

Rich said...

RXd: 2:44. Little slow on the thrusters. Thanks for the help on the muscle ups James, Jim, et al. I'm getting there. Justin- you're sick if you think your plan would be "interesting!" Phil and James- thanks for the coaching tips this morning. Lots of learning.

Adam said...

2:15 as RX'd

Matt H said...

4:30 did better at Thrusters