Sep 21, 2010


Three Rounds for Time

5 x power clean @ 185

5 x Handstand Push ups

10 x pullups

Okay so normally its not cool to post photos of yourself but I thought this was a summary of the good things from the weekend. Just imagine discovering CrossFit as a two year old !!


Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

I have an early start so will be kicking this around 0520 if anyone wants to join me.


Hoys said...

scaled to 165 on cleans
bands on hspu rnds 2,3

then 4 rnds
1000m row
30 pull ups

25 min

craigrr said...

6:23 as Rx'd
for PC they essentially became 5 sets of 1 for 3rd; stepping away from the bar each time helped me to not have a 'failed' attempt in all 15 lifts; in the last set of 5 I could feel my arms pulling way ahead of full hip extension

Neal said...

6:19 as rx'd. My PCs looked ugly so I should probably assess myself a one minute penalty (at least) for basic form issues.

Then Hoys talked me into the post-WOD WOD...I scaled his version and did:

4 rds
500m row
25 pull-ups


james said...

6.03 Rxed - not sure about the PC form - it felt ugly.

Adam said...

Round 1 at 185, round 2 and 3 at 175: 6:43

Rage Peterson said...

6:15 - scaled cleans to 135# since I have not done cleans in awhile. HOYS - you an animal! Awesome with the post WOD!