Sep 25, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

Rest, relax, if you are traveling then try this.

Interesting discussion on FGB strategy, I know for most of us push press is not the money maker.


Matt H said...

Did Fran today with the CrossFit Level 1 Cert. Did not do as well as I wanted to but got a good workout out of it. Completed the 21 and 15 sets before the 10:00 min cap.

I need to work on the thruster.

George said...

ran 4 miles with the double stroller this morning, 41ish minutes; about my average time for that loop

Brandon said...

did fran with level 1 this weekend. there weren't enough bars so i did it with 45# dumbbells. if you want to make your fran time be higher and be more sore, give this a try.

9:08 with 45# db's

congrats to everyone who finished in under 10:00, and everyone that passes the level 1 written test.