Sep 10, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

Rest a little, foam roll or work on your deadlift setup position.

Need more Fight Gone Bad Gas ?? watch this !!


George said...

ran the Post Freedom run 5k this morning pushing both girls in the stroller, 27:02. It felt really good to run for the first time in a while.

monroe said...

Beautiful morning in Parkville. Began with 30 minutes of foam rolling & mobility work. Ran 2 miles, 100 pushups, ran 2 miles. Snatch progressions in the afternoon.

Sando said...

Zoran - Macedonia

In the morning I did FGB to check my self. It was a very good workout, I really felt it. I maintain the tempo between 15 and 20 reps from each workout. Focus was on correct movements. It was very good, I enjoy it.