Sep 19, 2010

MONDAY 800841

5 rounds for time

15 x 95lb thrusters
15 x burpees
400 m run

Post time to comments.

Above is a taste of the action from FGB 5 on the weekend ...more to follow during the week. A huge thankyou to all who supported it and to George who organised it. (oh and thanks to Freddie for the photo.)


Hoys said...

nasty wod after FGB.

glad neal needed an early start--didn't want to do this one.

rx 25:40. Straight thru on first 15 thrusters; split subsequent 8 and 7 or so.

james said...

Ugly scenes 25.04. What is it about thrusters that make them so good at removing all the oxygen from the air.

George said...

scaled to 75# thruster: 26:10

i'm playing around with my scaling. i've found i can slug through a workour RX, but I'm trying to increase my power by decreasing the time component more than the weight piece. we'll see how it goes. beyond the whiteboard has a pretty good calculator for it.

check the FGB weekend post comments sections for links to pictures and video once i get done with class today they should be up and running

craigrr said...

23:46 as Rx'd I was surprised how well the thrusters went. I struggled on the last WOD where we had 95lb thrusters. I am conscious of form on the thrusters as i don't want to do that weight and the Rx'd reps with crappy form. Without anyone watching, I'll assume my form is good. I started a little later than I watned this morning and was running by myself with no one to push me (or no one to catch).

Adam said...

As RX'd: 30:34

BC said...

31:15 rd'd. A whole lotta ugliness. Thrusters are killing me.

Gary P said...

28:18 with 75 pounds for thrusters

Neal said...

22:04 as rx'd (though I am operating off of 3 days rest and didn't do FGB this past Sat due to being out of town)

Tiny heart on burpees and the run...was resting way too much.

Sorry, but I'll miss the crew tomorrow. See you again on Wed.