Sep 12, 2010

MONDAY 800837

10 Rounds for Time

3 x weighted pull ups (45lbs)
5 x strict pull ups
7 x kipping pull ups
For weighted pull ups place a 45lb dumbbell/plate between the legs above crossed ankles and drop the dumbbell after third rep and continue with strict pull ups and then the kipping pull ups. Coming off the bar or going to ground constitutes a termination of a round and that round does not count.

Rob demonstrating an ideal rack position last Friday.


Hoys said...

used to like pull ups...


rnds 1-3 w/ 45 lbs
rnd 4-5 w/30 lbs
rnds 6-10 w/10 lbs; last 3 rnds scaled reps to 2,3,4

time 26:30.

Phil B said...

like, Jim, I thought pullups were one of my stronger capabilities. not so much.

Rnds 1-3 as rx'd
rnds 4-5 w/35#
Rnd 6 w/15# and 3/5/5 reps
Rnd 7 w/10# and 3/5/5
Rnd 8-10 w/10# and 1/3/5 reps

time 18:13

thank you neal for humbling me again.

George said...

scaled to 20#
Rd 1: 2/4/6
Rd-2-8: 1/2/5
Rd 9 (15#): 1/1/4
Rd 10: (10#): 1/1/4

16ish minutes, didn't start my timer until after rd 1.

Is anyone else not buying Rob the Programmer's "TDY" excuse this morning?

don't forget to register for Fight Gone Bad 5, only 4 and a butt days left. Social afterward at High Noon.

james said...
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james said...

Scaled from 35 to 15 and from 2-4-6 to 2-3-4. A few failed sets in between. Pull ups is a weak point.

I registered for FGB on the weekend. I don't have many friends but it is amazing how easy it has been to pull in a couple of hundred dollars for a good cause.


monroe said...

Got through the first three rounds rxd. 25 pounds on rounds 4&5, still unbroken. Then things went south. Did five more sets of fifteen all kipping pullups. Followed with some handstand holds and DU practice.

Great work by the MWF crew this morning.

Adam said...

First three rds with 40lbs, next two rds with 15lbs, then 5 rounds of 15.....right at 15 min for all. YUCK!

craigrr said...

TDY in McLean, VA
20 min. AMRAP
12x KBS 50 lbs
25x DU
10x K2E
9 rds

Neal said...

-Finished first 8 rounds as rx'd.
-Failed on 9th round at 45#
-Failed on 10th round at 30#.
-Failed on 11th round at 30#.
-Finished rounds 12 and 13 w/10#

Extremely humbling...thanks to the crew for sticking around and giving me some serious support...I appreciate it.

Rob, you should feel good...everyone asked about you this morning! Hope things are going well.