Sep 16, 2010

FRIDAY 800840

50 x pull ups
400m run
21 x 95lb thruster
800m run
21 x 95lb thruster
400m run
50 x pull ups

I don't recommend this if you are up for FGB 5 on Saturday. Instead I offer rest or some hip and achilles mobility from KSTAR. Watch the video tonight, turn up and do it tomorrow.

If you are keen for Fight Gone Bad on Saturday its not too late to turn up and participate or watch. Just follow the links for more info. A big thanks to Stewart from CrossFit Results for organizing a jumping castle to entertain the kids during the event.


Rage Peterson said...

29:15 as rx'd! Great smoker! All the best to you FGB5ers tomorrow! Enjoy the great Crossfit facilities while you got 'em at Fort Leavenworth!

Matt H said...

23:20, after 12 deadhang pullups went to jumping pullups. Also had to find a new thruster bar as while on my first 400m run someone took the bar that I had setup.

BC said...

21:02 as rx'd. Ouch. First 50n dead hang, 3 x sets no. Had to drop to sets of 5 for last 15 on final 50. Ralls killed me on the thrusters - again.

George said...

one last FGB note, you CAN scale if needed. we will set up a scaled lane for anyone that needs it.

see you all tomorrow

Adam said...

as RX'd: 15:52.....first time I felt in the zone in a long time.