Sep 9, 2010

FRIDAY 800836

'95 lb Suck'

For time
Dead lift
Hang power clean
Front squat
Push Jerk

Sign up for FGB5 on 18 Sep 10 here.....if you need motivation watch this.


RDM said...

Cant remember if it was 24:21 or 21:24. I think I was the last to finish this am. Either way scaled to 85 before end of first round.

George said...

RX: 26:12

Congratulations to all those who completed the foundation class. Pictures can be found at search for Iron Major Crossfit.

Don't forget to register for Fight Gone Bad 5 at

If you are worried about fundraising hear are a few tips:

if you have any questions about FGB 5 email me at

Matt H said...

65 lb suck

30:10, went to air squats after 3rd round.

Neal said...

18:14 as rx'd.

Rob, TDY is such a weak excuse...just say you're scared! j/k...Safe travels, Bro...look forward to seeing you a week from Monday so you can destroy me yet again.


james said...

22:55 rxed. Neal - 18:00 are you from another planet ?

craigrr said...

Neal - no matter where I would have been today, I would not have been able to produce an 18:13 - great job

21:14 as Rx'd

Don't forget to register for FGB; so far we have only 12 signed up; I'm surprised how easy fund raising is, I've raised $645 and all I did was send out a heart-felt e-mail to friends and family; I'm looking forward to the event

Adam said...

As Rx'd 20:13

Justin said...

21:36 as RXd