Sep 30, 2010

FRIDAY 100110


For time

400m run
30 x wall balls 20/14
15 x pull ups
400m run
30 x box jumps 20"
15 x KB swing 55/35
400m run
30 x wall ball 20/14
15 x pull ups
400m run
30 x box jumps
15 x KB swing 55/35

Post time to comments.


Phil B said...

had SAMS organized pt this morning, so i missed the morning crew. enjoy.

Matt H said...

RXed 21:33, good workout

craigrr said...

18:31 with 500m row for 400m run; this was a good way to finish off the week; I'm looking forward to the rest this weekend

George said...

19:28, scaled to a 20" box and 35# on KB to keep up intensity

james said...

Watch stopped but was somewhere between 17.10 and 17.30 as Rxed.

Neal said...

14:53 as rx'd.

Look forward to having Phil B, Hoys, Aaron, and Rich back on Monday morning...see you then.

Matt said...

21:26 -- run, row, row, row, run and 20" box on the last set.

Justin said...

rx'd: 18:48

made this up on Sat morning; Pee test on friday morning completely ruined my whole day.

BC said...

18:15 as rx'd. Lungs suckin from some kind of infection or something. Pullups seemed easier than usual. I think that I am getting this kipping thing

Gary P said...

23:13 still working on pullups so started strict, to kipping then band assist. Weak link.

Steve said...

Late to the fight. As Rx'ed: 15:27