Sep 23, 2010

FRIDAY 092410

21 x 75lb thruster
21 x double unders

Required reading - "Tested by fire" from the CrossFit Journal.

Post time to comments.


craigrr said...

I just checked the original calendar and the 5RFT dropped off of the posted WOD. Enjoy!

Neal said...

9:57 as rx'd.

Hoys said...

subbed 3 to 1 singles vs du

great to have books back in the bubble this am!

George said...

went 75, 65, 45, 45, 45 for thrusters
12:58 overall time

DU went much better than I thought. I was able to keep reps at 7ish until the last round.

dropping the weight helped me keep my round time around 3min

craigrr said...

10:51 as Rx'd
Good luck to all of the Level I cert candidates this weekend; there will be 60 athletes; 25 of them belong to IronMajor so we are well represented