Aug 17, 2010


Skills: One legged squats, max unbroken reps. If you're having trouble, try standing on the box and executing the squat.


For time:
21-15-9 reps of:
Wall balls (20#/14#)
Ring Dips
KB swings (55#/35#)

Post reps/time to comments.


Hoys said...

5:51 as Rx; 7 one legged squats off the box....needs work!

Great to do this WOD all together....made me think of Gladiator but with Phil B yelling: "As ONE!"

also did push press 115x4 for 3 sets

craigrr said...

Fun morning with a big group this morning, lots of energy and incentive for intensity...

5:22 as Rxd; I tried ring dips for the first time since Jan 10; previously I've substituted HSPU for all ring dips; I think I did about 1/2 to 3/4 of a full rep becasue of pain; I'll probably go back to HSPU as a subsitutue

Worked with the Foundations class from last week on today's WOD; there were still 15 - 20 coming back; we had a lot of help from the group who did the WOD earlier...much appreciated

Phil B said...

Rx: Low 5's (failed to start my watch).

One-legged squats completely torched my legs. 13 reps each side.

Jim, you're right, it was fun doing this together. and by fun, I mean almost throwing up a couple of minutes after finishing.

George said...

6:10 as RX
great energy in the gym this morning. it was great to see so many guys from the foundation class hitting a hard workout this morning.

Jen B said...

14# wall balls
I scaled the ring dips by using the blue band.
16 kg KBS


Adam said...

4:23....that sucked. My lungs hurt a little like Fran.

Neal said..., those ring dips killed me!! Got lots of work to do there. Awesome crew this morning...loved suckin it down together.

also did push press...4 sets of 4x 115.

Jim and I are meeting at 0530 at the track for tomorrow's WOD if anyone wants to join us.

Josh D said...

Adam embarrased me this afternoon. 5 flat as RXd. Single leg squats need a lot of work. Used vertical bar on the pull up frame for balance, 12 ea with a lot of help.

Jimmyk said...

7:05 as Rx'd. Did this WOD on Thursday.

Brian said...

I made up the PJ from yesterday.

Brian said...

I made this up Saturday: 14:00
Struggled w/ ring dips, but got them done.

J. O'B said...

No 20# medball so had to use 14#