Aug 10, 2010


Skill: Snatch Progression
Start with the Burgener Warmup
then execute the snatch skill transfer exercises:
1. Snatch push-press (bar is racked in back squat posn, feet are in jump position)
2. OHS (feet are in landing position)
3. Pressing Snatch Balance (feet in landing position), this is a slow controlled movement, where you are pressing your body under the bar, attempting to keep it level while you press down
4. Heaving Snatch Balance (feet in landing position), more explosive than above
5. Snatch Balance (jump and land, speed through the middle)
If possible, find someone who went to the Oly cert for some coaching


Back squat
These are sets across, so get to your 3RM and execute the sets. Your feet should generally be in the same position as your landing position from the Snatch Progression.

Post wt. to comments.


Steve said...

Did I inspire this with my horrid snatches?

Brian said...

I did the 10 mile run this AM. 88 min, ~8 min slower than last year, but I have not been running nearly as much. And today was a lot hotter. I plan to make this WOD up when an O-cert'd coach is available.

Adam said...

Did the WOD and was able to execute 265-265-265-265-275 on the squats. Decently happy with it. Legs are smoked from riding my bike to school....not used to it, however I'm sure it will come.

craigrr said...

225 across all 5 sets; I focused on not dipping forward on the way back up; this is habitually a discrepancy in my form

Spent considerable time on the Buergner warm up and skill transfer set. I did several reps with the PVC and then transitioned to a 45lb bar. I used the 45lb bar immediately after each part of the sequence. It took a long time to complete but was worth the time.

Phil B said...

had to catch up on some "back to running" therapy today...not fun.

Nick said...

My home gym is mainly in the planning stages so today I did a another WOD
40 Double Unders
30 24" Box Jumps
20 KBS 2 pood

Completed in 27:11. I ended up using the cable box in the utility easement along side of the street for my box jumps. Double Unders were difficult on the driveway. Heat Index of 107 kicked me right in the junk. I did get some great looks from drivers on the road though!

This weekend I build my lifting platform.. Ill take pictures and let yall know how it goes.

George said...

245 across the sets on back squat. i tried to keep form for the last inch on the way down.
thanks to Rob for the coaching on the warmup. my shoulders are feeling the 45# bar

Ray said...

Did Burgener warmup and skill transfer set. This is becoming part of my daily routine as I need the practice.

BS 155-155-165-175-185

30# PR for me. Feel like I could have gone up more but I will take the progress.

Did Friday's WOD on Monday; posted results on Friday

Hoys said...

225-205-185 then work at lower weights for form....lots of work to do. Again, thanks to Rob for great coaching!

J. O'B said...