Aug 3, 2010


2 x 800m
Rest exactly 1 min between rounds
If your pace is not +/- 5 sec between your runs, add 5 burpees for every second outside of that margin (if you're 10 seconds slower on your second 800, do 25 burpees for 5 sec penalty)


Clean and Jerk

These are not sets across, build to your 1RM!

Post splits/penalty burpees and wt. to comments


George said...

Rob and I will be at the track at 0530 for the 800s if anyone wants to join us, then we'll head over to the gym for the C&J

james said...

Hotel gym WOD in Witchita. AMRAP 12 minutes. 40lb DB Squat clean, 20 PU, 24 DU - 4rds. The gym had mirrors which I assumed was a bad thing but it was actually helping for checking hip extension. Which reminds me does IMCF have a Flip or camcorder for coaching ?


Hoys said...

did a 2:43 first 800
and a 3:05 second 800
did 110!

worked up to 165 on clean and jerk b/f going back to pvc/low weight...need to work on push press portion. Thanks to rob, george and neal for the coaching! Jim

Brian said...

SAMS Director PT today:
W/u jog from Gruber to 400m track
Fartleks: 4x30s run/30s jog, 4x1m run/1m jog, 2X2m run/2m jog, 1x1m run, 1x30s run

Then ladders from 1 to 10 of Pullups, situps, benchdips, and pushups.

George said...

not sure how I made 3:18 for both laps since i wasn't looking at my watch

C&J felt pretty good:
165, 185, 195, 205 (f), 205

20# increase from last time

craigrr said...

2:58 and then 3:04
I misread the penalty and assumed 5 burpees for each second from first time and not outside of the +/- 5 sec window. I did 30 burpees total and felt everyone of them after 30 days of leave!

C & J
135, 165, 175, 175, 185
I stopped at 185 for 2 reasons: 1) I'm coming off of 30 days of leave with limited PT and no olympic lifting and 2) my form on 175 and 185 was poor.

Today was my first time in the new facility and it was great. Worked with my long time partner George and we linked up with Neal and Jim from Class 11-01. There is a lot of new energy with the new class coming in and I'm looking forward to tapping into it to get myself better.

NM said...

2:37 and 2:30. Owed 10 burpees.

Got some much-needed coaching from Rob and George on the Clean and Jerk. 95, 135, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205(f), 205(f). Form was rough on 185 and up.

Great to finally meet you, Rob...looks like we've got a great crew forming. See you all tomorrow morning! Neal

Phil B said...

due to ankle recovery, did my 800s on the treadmill, which is kindof cheating i guess. but hey, at least i kept a 3:12 pace.

C&J - 155 can't go much heavier for another month or two until I get the full G2G.

Great job George! Freaking awesome!

monroe said...

Skipped the 800m x 2
Warmed up with clean progressions from floor, knees, mid-thigh, then
clean + 3 jerks x 3 95#.
C&J 135/145/155/165/170(f)/170(f)
Just for fun:
10 KB swings 55#, 10 KTE, 10 DU,
3 rounds, no rest.

Next week the bubble will be closed to
1 stage the 705th pre-deployment, and

2 repair the floor.
MWR will begin moving the fitness equipment into Harney, (all except the pull up bars), and we will be able to work out there.

james said...

Awesome 800 times Neal.