Aug 30, 2010

TUESDAY 800828

Balls to the Wall
Pictures from this mornings FGB here and smoking hot video here.

Skills...Max Unbroken reps Muscle Ups or work MU progression.

Power Clean build to one rep max then Post loads to comments.

I have been reading 'Thinking in Time' by Richard E. Neustadt and Ernest R. May It advocates a long view of the world and prompts us to ask the question - what does a solution to the problem of now  look like in twenty or fifty years time? So it is with CrossFit, this is not about this week or this year, its about the rest of your life and being able to ride a pushbike to Vladivostok when you are sixty. When we talk increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains - think 20 seconds, 20 minutes and 20 years. With all this in mind here is the link to KStar's mobility blog. If all this is too deep and squishy then just lift heavy stuff fast.


RDM said...

165 x 5

Brandon said...


james said...

2 MU need to work on false grip
195 x 7 - thanks to Stewart for some pointers.

Brian said...

I made up FGB from yesterday, solo. It was a big step back for me. It really helps doing it with others.

I recently read an article in the journal about groups being the ultimate pain killer. I could have used it today.

Jen, I do WOD's on some days in the afternoon, when do you go?

George said...

worked up to 215, then got 6 sets, 1 failure
thanks for the coaching from Rob and Stuart

craigrr said...

Did my first three at 185lbs; did the last four at 195lbs thanks to coaching from Stewart; speed through the middle was his coaching point e.g. once the bar clears my knees I needed to get energetic and 'violent' with the bar instead of 'nurse' it to the power position

Adam said...

175-185-185-190-190-190-195, with 4 unbroken MUs

Jen B said...

Worked MU progression...maybe one day I'll get a MU...til that day comes, I'll keep on trying over and over again.

Worked up to 85 on cleans and felt good so I put on 95 (new 1RM for me!), then failed on second attempt. I put it down to 90 and completed the reps across.

Brian or anyone else who works out in the afternoons: I usually hit the box after class, around 1300 on days when we're done at 1230 and at 1600 on days we're done at 1530. It's erratic (like our class schedule), which is why I usually end up on my own. I'd love to come in the mornings, but I live in KC and I usually run with my dog in the mornings.

Neal said...

13 MUs.

185, 185, 185, 185, 185, 195, 185.

Good coaching from Stewart...I still need to work on pushing my knees back and keeping the bar close to my body.

Kbehrens said...

Thanks for reminding me of the book Thinking in Time. I just picked it up at my college library and it goes great with my area of study.