Aug 16, 2010

TUESDAY 100817

The Burgener Warmup!!!


Push Jerk

Build to 5RM max and execute the sets

Post wt. to comments.


George said...

155, 155, 155, 155, 165

james said...

Mainsite. 30 x wallball/30 snatch squat @75lb - 3 RFT. It sucked.


Brian said...

I made up yesterday's. Posted there.

craigrr said...

155, 155, 155, 155, 155
This was definitely my 5 rep max; on reps 4 and 5 of each round my form was poor. I got great feedback and coaching from George this morning.

Josh D said...

135 across. Could have/should have added. But went light, as my technique needs some work. I did work with the PVC before hand and I am sure it paid off. Did 3x sets of 10 after with 65# working on technique as well.

Adam said...

155-135-135-135-145.....first set was too heavy and form was lacking. Built up a little confidence with 135 and finished with 145. Then i finished with some maintenance pullups and pushups.

Chemo said...

115, 115, 115, 115, 115

Brian said...

Made up PJ on Wed. 145#