Aug 2, 2010

TUESDAY 100803

Skills: KB turkish getups (55#/35#), go for max unbroken reps, where both arms count as one rep (up and down left side + up and down right side = 1 rep)



150 Wall Ball shots for time (20#/14#)

Compare to 100218

Post time to comments. Enjoy!


George said...

TU: scaled to 35# and got 3, then tried 55# and was able to get 1

Wallballs- 9:52

monroe said...

Stopped at 10 TGU's (10 per side) as rxd so I would have something left for Karen.
Karen 9:33.

Took plenty of time to roll out the legs before beginning, the foam roller really pays off. If you haven't got time to warm up, you haven't got time to work out.

NM said...

After almost dropping the 55# KB on myself, I decided to try the 35# KB for the TGUs. I did 5 and then transitioned to the (I think) 20# KB for 5 more. I suck at TGUs.

Karen- 7:21

Are we allowed to paint/tape some markers on the walls to ensure we meet the 10 foot standard on each wall ball shot? I swagged 10 feet and marked it, but would love to establish something more legit.

james said...

Did the mainsite 50 DU/25 wallball 3 RFT - 8:35. Echo NM comments regarding wallball targets !! Unless anyone objects I will make an 'IM' stencil and measure out and spray paint the targets ? (am I allowed to do that ?)


monroe said...

the IM logo is a cool idea, let me talk to the gym manager first. Meanwhile, I'll bring some tape in tomorrow and mark 10'

james said...

in the meantime I will anticipate approval and find a stencil.