Sep 8, 2010


Skill: rope climb.

Fast secure/Faster and not so secure/Fastest - least secure

10 Rounds for time

10 x burpees
100m sprint

I have had a few questions about things to do at home or on the road here is a list of home or road WODs.


craigrr said...

For anyone interested I'll be at the track at 0515 - 0520

Phil B said...

rx'd: 10:48
the burpees had a significant effect on the run by the 2nd/3rd round.

craigrr said...

10:00 as Rx'd

Didn't get to rope climb due to Foundations class

monroe said...

14:04 at the track, barefoot on the infield. Waited until it started raining so I would really feel like I was training.
My contract was no fewer than 5 burpees at a time, no rests longer than three breaths. I was able to keep that easily, did not go hard enough but kept a decent pace throughout. Need to work with a partner. Ate crappy last night, more coffee than water yesterday.

Rope: once up and down the 25', hands only. Also worked on KB OHS.

Neal said...

9:49 as rx'd.

Did some rope work with Jim before the WOD.

Hoys said...

rx'd 11:00

tried to climb the rope in 2 locks....needed 3.

did a no-foot climb, need to hands/arms closer to the body

craigrr said...

Neal - if you would have been at the track I would have finished in 9:48! I hope there won't be any pull-ups or running next week - I predict lots of OHS and HSPU for the rest of the month!

Let the trash-talking begin...

George said...

rx: 13:22
Yeeeaaahh burpees!

don't forget to register for FGB 5 at

High Noon Saloon is now an "official" sponsor for Iron Major FGB 5.

james said...

11.35 rxed. I am with Rob. Bring the Oly bars. Hang on - I should be training the things I suck at - so do your worst Rob.

Adam said...

15:30 as rx'd