Aug 18, 2010


For time:

6 rounds of:
400m run
25 Burpees

Post time to comments.


craigrr said...

19:45 as Rx'd; I needed the push from Neal, Josh, and Jim; much appreciated to get throug it;
Nice and cool morning to be outside.

FYI - to turn on the lights at the Ft. Leavenworth USD 207 track, there is a timer switch below the press box; you can turn it on for up to an hour; I ran in the dark three to four times before anyone told me about it!

Phil B said...

since I was lazy this morning, did this one in late morning. not too bad temp-wise.

Four rounds completed in 17:01. Stopped due to ankle pain. I have to admit, although I should have more realistic expectations on particular run workouts (ones that combine jumping and running), I'm still pretty disappointed. 1st DNF in a long time. oh well, room for much improvement.

Hoys said...

21:45, sucking on the run.

finished with 50 pull ups

NM said...


Thanks to Rob, Books, and Hoys for the push.

Brian said...

I should have done this one as Rx'd for measurable/repeatable results. Instead, I incorporated burpees into my planned run (~3 miles). I was smoked anyway.

Adam said...

Finished 4 rounds in about 16:30 and hit a wall. Ended up finishing in 31:07. The Burpees were killer.

J. O'B said...

Eff'n agony!
Had to walk out the last 5 burpees to save my dinner.