Aug 11, 2010


For time:
21-15-9 reps of:

Deadlift (225#/185)
box jumps (24"/20)

Post time to comments.

While fitness is obviously important to all of us, there are other priorities. What about the environment? The gulf oil spill? Here's an appropriate response. Enjoy and thank you Jimmy.


Nick said...

No FGB 5 this year?

Brian said...

I admit that last night, I was a little dissappointed that my time on the 10 mile run was 8 min slower than last year. This AM, on my way to help out with the foundations class, I had a moment of clarity.

Last year, I was doing IMCF ~5 days/wk, and CFE ~3 days/wk in preparation for the KC Marathon.

This year, I have done only a few 5k's, and 4 wks worth of CFE drills. That's it.

So, the fact that I had the capacity to run 10 miles, as if that is what my "hopper" produced, and that I felt great today, is a testimony to the efficacy of this program.

I saw today's WOD last night, and cringed. A leg intensive WOD after a long run... I was pleased to produce 10:55 as Rx'd.

To those who just finished the foundations class, WELCOME TO YOUR CROSSFIT COMMUNITY. Record your progress for yourself. Post your efforts for others to see- it will be an encouragement. Don't get frustrated by seeing others posting everything "as Rx'd". We (almost) all start by scaling.

craigrr said...

5:48 as Rx'd
The box jumps were very slow today. I almost didn't make the first one after 21 x DL. Technique for DL seemed good, but I was disappointed in the time. I think I'm still getting my body used to a regular routine after 30 days of leave.

Phil B said...
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Phil B said...

Nick, we're working it, but I'm slow to post the info.

Was able to work yesterdays' snatch work today in a re-hab-y sort of way.

Chemo said...

Completed the warm-up listed on the board, then 21-15-9 DL (135lbs)and Box Jumps.

Then finished with 5-5-5-5-5-5 press pushups.

Had to take a short 30 sec break between DL and Box Jumps.... But I do enjoy the challenge of crossfit...

Nick said...

equipment shortage led me to do Crossfit Results 5RFT of 400m run, 100 ft lunge and 35 push ups..

this weekend is the build weekend.. did the templates for my plyobox and purchased new tools to build it! more to follow

Josh D said...

I am rather disappointed in my time. 7:42 as Rx'd. Jimmy's concern for the environment made me feel a little better. Though there were some in my family who needed to know what tar balls were. I guess we need more public awareness on this troubling issue.

Hoys said...

5:21 with 205 deadlift...some form errors, but getting better with good coaching from NM, Phil and Rob. Thanks, fellas!

J. O'B said...

Rx'd DL weight but I did step ups on the first half of the 21 and 15 box jumps.