Aug 4, 2010


Skills: Max hold L-sits on the parallettes

5 rounds for time of:
10 box step-ups (20") holding a 55#KB in the rack position (2 count - up and down each leg for 1 rep)
20 ring pushups with feet elevated
30 Knees to Elbows
Row 250m

Post total time to comments. Enjoy!


james said...

6 RFT run 400m/25 burpees. 25.02 Horrible.


craigrr said...

38:47; did ankle to bar instead of K2E. On the KB box step ups I did 10 with KB in right hand with the right leg leading and then 10 with KB in left hand with left leg leading. 30 x 'ankle to bar' were completed doing sets of 10. a very challenging WOD. I needed the push from Jim to get through it; thanks.

Phil B said...

did tomorrow's workout as a proof of's motivating. will post time tomorrow.

Hoys said...

Followed Rob's lead...did ATB vs. K2E...grip was a challenge.
Would have loved 30 ring pushes vs. 30 ATBs--which killed me!

Rob and Books rocked this one....thanks for the clinic!

Neal, you better be having a baby this AM. I think I had one on the WOD.

NM said...

Sorry I missed the morning crew...looks like a pretty sick WOD! Had a few indicators that Little Mayo was enroute this morning so needed to stay at REDCON 1. Based on progression this afternoon, I'll knock out the WOD either later on today or this weekend.

NM said...

43:12. This WOD destroyed me. Not to sound too extreme, but I wanted it to end from the start. Great job to all you guys this morning, killed it!

Did it as Rob described, though on the box step-ups, I had to use my opposite hand to stabilize the weight at times (like...all the time).

Hope to be there with the morning crew tomorrow, though we'll see how Anna progresses throughout the night. James, hope Wichita is treating you well...

Phil B said...
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Phil B said...

Did this one Friday. I too had to switch my hold on the KB step-ups, as well as decrease the height of the box (tried to be a hero and go with the 26"box for the first 3 rounds - bad idea jeans). K2E was really humbling.

Brian said...

Parallettes: Form getting better. 15 sec and 17 sec.

Then I made up cleans from previous WOD. Spent extra time at lower wts getting under the bar (a recurring weakness for me).

As for the METCON, I wish I had done it in the bubble. I rearranged a bunch of stuff in the garage to simulate it, then ran out of time before finishing. I used 25 SDLHP's (45#) for the row.

Books said...

Tough and long. Atb were ridiculous! 34:00 as Rx