Aug 22, 2010

MONDAY 100823


For time:
25 pullups
50 deadlifts (135#/115#)
50 pushups
50 box jumps (24"/20")
50 floor wipers (135#/115#, this is a 2-count move!)
50 KB Clean and press (KB must touch floor between reps, 35#KB)
25 pullups

Post time to comments. Compare to 100621. Enjoy!


George said...

RX- 19:49, almost a 3 min improvement, the first round of pullups felt really good, but box jumps and KB killed me
good work to all this morning

Eric F. said...

Did "Cindy" today...
13x circuits in 20:00.

Had to scale w/ bands after 3rd set. Maintained good form during squats though.

Matt H said...

Did "Cindy" today - 15 sets

Hoys said...


20:39; wipers very painful to do and probably hard to watch from an outside observer....


Neal said...


Wipers tore me up!

james said...

23:10 - thanks to George and an unidentified stranger who rescued me from a 135lb barbell that had me in a some kind of wrestlers lock.


Adam said...

12:01 as rx' PR for me; but now I can't move my arms. Thanks Josh for the support.

craigrr said...

17:20 as Rx'd; floor wipers were the tough one today

Brian said...

I made this up on Tue:
29:12 as Rx'd. ~8 min improvement over last effort. My 2nd set of pullups was literally 3x longer than my 1st, so much room for improvement there.

Ray said...

This has to be my kryptonite--

just like when I first did this in June, this WOD makes me want to hurl.

Got thru the box jumps but was nauseous when I was done. Did the floor wipers then called it.

So a setup from the last time, when at least I finished the WOD. Yuck. This WOD kills me-- I don't know why. The individual events are okay; the combination just is painful.

Posted results from doing Friday's WOD on that day.

Josh D said...

17:40 as RX'd. First time I have had to lay around wallowing in my own misery in a long time.

Jen B said...

I agree with the suck factor on the wiper...ouch!
I scaled the wipers to 65# and they still killed my back.
I also used the blue band on pullups after the first 10...I've been working hard on my kipping pullups, and having some improvement. Thanks to those who have helped me!

J. O'B said...

38:20 Ouch!
Did double arm KB clean and press.