Aug 15, 2010

MONDAY 100816


For time:
1000m row
50 Thrusters (45#/35#)
30 Pullups

Post time to comments. Scale as needed. Compare to 100223. Enjoy! Go ahead and tell yourself that this one's "easy".


Hoys said...

still owe 40min time trial...

great crowd this AM. Jackie w/ strict pull ups: 8:59 (3:30 row)

then 5min alternating w/ NM on HSPU...didn't do much here


Judg 6:12b "The LORD is with you, mighty warrior"

craigrr said...

10:30 w/HSPU sub for pull ups; started HSPU around 6:45 and then slowed way down!
3 x 5 bench press @185

Worked with Foundations class from last week on their WOD, almost 20 showed up; they did 2 min row, 50 x thrusters, and 30 x ABMAT sit ups

George said...

11:21, subbed standing pullups off the modified bar

NM said...

Jackie w/strict pull-ups: 8:55

Brian said...

Last time, I scaled this one w/ blue band. This time Rx'd. Still felt awful. 12:25, nearly 2 min improvement.

Jimmyk said...
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Jimmyk said...

Row and thrusters as RX'd. Did inclined ring pull-ups off the squat rack bar.


Josh D said...

As we had no pull up bars in Harney, we rigged rings on to a weighted bar hung at the highest point and did "ring rows" instead of pull ups. 7:43 with that modification.

Jen B said...

Did this one in the "other" gym...scaled to 30#.


J. O'B said...

No rower, so subbed 3/4 mile run on treadmill w/ 1.0% incline