Aug 8, 2010

MONDAY 100809

First off, congratulations Mayo family! Welcome Josie!

Also, don't forget about this week's on-ramp/foundations class. The info is posted to the right, and the time is 0600-0700 at Harney (in the old CrossFit gym).

now...back to work!

5 Rounds For time:
20 pullups
30 pushups
40 situps
50 squats
Rest exactly 3 min between rounds

Post total time to comments.

Thanks to Mark for July's programming. August's suffering is brought to you by our very own Josh Davis. I'd say thank you, but I think all of us can wait until the end of the month for "thanks".


George said...

went to the track since the gym wasn't open at 0500 and had a great workout

Barbara RX: 33:11

5+ min improvement, taping my hands on pullups and pushing hard on the squats

Books said...

31:00 Rx. Did the workout on the playground behind the house - tough pull-ups since the bar was 5ft off the ground = no nipping

Brian said...

It was good to see the turnout at the foundations class this AM. Don't be discouraged by the status of the facility: Harney has rennovations in progress, and the bubble is in use for something else. When the bubble is available to us again, it is a great place to work out.

I did the WOD at the track after the class. Very hot already. 37:21. ~3 min faster than in November, but I think it was slower than one effors since then.

Hoys said...

with pull up bars scarce, did this at the track bars.

25:23 pr (with kipping)...not an even comparison to books my lifelong comparison other

Josh D said...

Posted a 32:36. Gruber sucked, the heat, humidity and the pull up bars were not kipping friendly. Enough complaining... Barbara sucked.

Jen B said...

Did this one at home using my doorway pullup bar.
I think it's a PR but I didn't log the time from last sept when I did this WOD last.

Rage Peterson said...

Only had time and stamina for 3RDS of iron butt BARB: 21:09. Still a smoker, just like HOYS!

craigrr said...

36:20, very poor time, but it was a great work out; completed first rounds in 3:28 and 3:58; the last round was in 6:26