Aug 12, 2010

FRIDAY 100813

A time trial variation:

In 40 minutes run your maximum distance.

If you need help plotting your route, try this site. It's the USA Track and Field Association site, plug in your address and get to plotting!

Post mileage to comments. Enjoy!


George said...

4.1ish in 40 min pushing my youngest in the stroller
42:12 for my 4.3m loop, my last time running the loop in early April was 38:16, so not too bad pushing an extra 40 pounds with a few hills. i'm glad my legs had the day off yesterday. props for everyone who finished the squats, then deadlifts, and this run all in a row

Brian said...

Wed, I was just shy of 5 miles at 40 min point. Today I had seminar PT: Fartleks 2x200,2x400,800,200 w/ rest jog between each set. (~3 miles tot)

NM said...

Done a poor job of posting since Wed, so I'll try to catch up.

Burgener Warm-up and Snatch Skills Transfer Exercises. Finished with back squat. Started out at 225#, but form wasn't great (right knee not tracking), so finished the last four sets at 205#. Thanks to Rob for some great coaching throughout.

3:44. Sacrified some of my DL form for intensity towards the end.

Did a long run last weekend so subbed a different WOD today.

20 min AMRAP:
-10x 95# OHS
-10x 53# KBS
-15x ABMAT Sit-up
-500m row

4 rounds + 2x OHS

See the crew on Monday morning...

craigrr said...

Made up Monday's Barbara; posted on was UGLY!

Hoys said...

Neal and I switched it up:

20 min AMRAP:
-10x 55# OHS
-10x 53# KBS
-15x ABMAT Sit-up
-500m row

4 rnds plus OHS, KBS, SU

Highest weight thus far on OHS. Getting some more balance. Post workout did some GI Joe trunk twist stretches that were well needed! Will do the 40 min run this weekend!

Hoys said...

did this 40 min time trial on 21AUG

5.31 miles, 7:32 pace...couldn't best books' distance!