Aug 5, 2010

FRIDAY 100806

"the medevac"

For time:
50 burpees
Farmer carry 2-55#KBs (one in each hand) 800m

The 800m route is: leave the front door of the bubble, turn left and the next immediate left to leave the parking lot. Turn right on 4th street. Turn right at the stopsign (Lowa Ave). Go to the start of traffic circle (there's a cone on the right of the sidewalk marking the turnaround point) and return back to the bubble via the same route.

The google image of the route is above.

Post time to comments.


Phil B said...

Did this one yesterday @10 (little warm-ish).

Brian said...

The intense fire fight (burpees) was 4:45. This was followed by a running battle (1/2 hr of soccer), and then the Medivac (55#/hand carry), which took 12:53. The Rx'd portion was 17:38. I'm not sure the victim made it.

NM said...

11:48 as rx'd.

Shout outs to Rob and George for (in the absence of 53# KBs) subbing 2x 45# bars. This had to be infinitely harder given the extra work it took to balance those bars. Nice work!

George said...

18:17 with 2x 45# bars due to lack of KB today
I couldn't get a good grip so I ended up carrying the bars with my fingertips, or at least it felt that way, my forearms are still on fire.

james said...

Starting to feel like a black sheep with my mainsite obsession ! 3 RFT row 500/30 Boxjumps/25 back ext/20 DL @ 205. My lower back is not thanking me this afternoon.

craigrr said...

15:38 with 2 x 45# bars sub for 55lb KB. Grip and forearms were the limiting factor. Shoulders felt fatigued but were not a factor because grip and forearms gave out first (forcing a rest break).

Hoys said...

17:17 as Rx'd. Want to re-try this one with some tape or something....felt like I was holding a greased pig!

Jen B said...

This was a toughie!
18:33 with 35# KBs
I agree with others about having grip challenges. My forearms were also on fire! I was sweating profusely because I tackled this WOD at 1330.
Nice work with the 45# bars, guys!

Gotta love burpees!

Nick said...

16 flat..
Did the burpees (yeah burpees) in 440. Had to use my one 45# KB and then my tool chest (which felt close to 45#) as the weights. Grip was hurting.. but so were shoulders.. I started off to slow on the pace and should have pushed at the beginning like I did the end

Josh D said...

Had three of us working out in a full gym. All the kettle bells and most bars were taken. We modified by doing the following. We used the 400m route. One of us carried another 200m, the odd man sprinted 200m then did air squats until the other two arrived. All did 25 burpees then switched roles. We repeated this 3x until all of us had carried and did squats. maxed out at 50 total burpees. Group time was 8:51.