Aug 3, 2010

CrossFit Foundations/On-Ramp class

We will be conducting a free foundations class next week, on 9, 10, and 12 AUG from 0600 until 0700 at Harney Gym. If you're just getting into the workouts, are are interested and want to know the basics of CrossFit, you can't miss the Foundations class. For your information, we're going to be running a Foundations/On-ramp class every month, so if you can't make it this month, hit us up in September!


J. O'B said...

A short testimonial here. I’ve been doing Crossfit for nearly a year now. I started with the foundations class last August. I could bombard you with all kinds of numbers to show my fitness improvement but I’ll keep it simple. When I reported in for class 10-01, I weighed 217 lbs and was totally out of shape. By early spring I was down to 175# (40lbs + loss)! I did this using the Iron Major CrossFit workouts and by adjusting my nutrition based on what I learned with IMCF. I could’ve lost that first 20lbs on my own, but there is no way I could have lost that last 20 without the skill and knowledge housed in IMCF. I’m still following the workout programming at IMCF even though I’ve PCS-ed. I’m still at 175# and more fit than I’ve ever been. For the spring ILE APFT, I easily maxed PU and SU and had a 13:43 run which I haven’t done in a very long time. If you’re looking for a way to get back in shape, this is it!

Phil B said...

thanks for the awesome feedback John. I hope some folks check it out and step up to make the changes.

monroe said...

Phil et al, this class will be at 0600 per the request of the students asking for it. Sorry for not being clear.