Jul 27, 2010


Skills: Heavy Thrusters (135#/115). Go for max unbroken reps of thrusters. then...

For Weight:


These are sets across, so build to your 5RM and execute the sets.

Post wts to comments.


Phil B said...

thrusters were humbling...8 reps

275 across.

Great to workout with the morning crew again, especially Neal and Jim. Thanks for the coaching this morning!

Hoys said...

thrusters 4 reps


225 on three sets b/f going back to the pvc drawing board on form

mayo is on watch for his "corrective touching" on the posterior chain

Jeff Paine said...

Phil - glad to see your ankle is holding up to full loads now.

I am in Colorado now and our BCT gym has, well, a racquetball court for the CrossFit area. Two lifting platforms, a rower, about 6 kettlebells, and two things that look like oversized hang-up racks from Cadet Laundry (I can only assume they are for pull-ups). I haven't quite cracked the code on who to talk with to start to get more and better stuff.

I hope all is well there. Jim and Neal - enjoy this year. It will be great.


NM said...

Sorry, Hoys...I'll try to give you more of a warning next time...

Thrusters- 13 reps

DL- 225, 275, 275, 275, 225 (reps 4 and 5 of the middle sets were questionable, at best)

monroe said...

Thrusters x 6
DL 275, 275 Failed on 5th rep, 255 for the rest. Form was solid, hip getting better.

Heard from Tom Weafer that new equipment has arrived. Should see ropes this week.

Phil B said...

Jeff, great to hear from you and thanks for checking in! have you linked up with Jeremy yet? I'd be interested to know what 10th group has for a crossfit gym.

Jen B said...

DL 155# across
Then I did Mondays WOD at the track.
100 m walking lunges
100 m run backwards

My legs are hating me!

Jen B said...

Great news on the ropes!!

Ray said...

Used 95# for thrusters: 6 then 4 reps. For some reason, felt pain in my left palm while the bar was overhead (toward the last few reps each time). Don't know if it was a grip issue, but I stopped trying after the 2nd round of reps. Weird.

DL 205

J. O'B said...

Thrusters - 6
DL: 235-255-255-255-255