Jul 26, 2010

TUESDAY 100727

For time:
30 Muscle ups

If you haven't got your muscle ups together yet, sub 120 ring pullups and 120 ring dips (4:1 ratio).

Post time to comments.


George said...

subbed 4 pullups, 4 ring dips

need to work the transition back into my warmup

Hoys said...

11:47 pr

better than my last time--still need a lot of technique work

mayo probably knocked this one out in the time it took me to type this

Phil B said...

4:57 (PR)
this is my second time using the "pat sherwood" technique of executing a MU every 10 seconds or so, and it works.

monroe said...

Stopped at 16 today, no gas! Weird, I got 15 then failed five attempts at 16 before I got it. Decided to stop before I hurt myself.
Found a cool story on Robb Wolf today about MovNat, short for natural movement. Google MovNat and read the Mens Health Article found there, good stuff!

NM said...

Hoys, did aight, but I'm no Phil B!! That's sick!! Great work, Phil.

5:12 on the MUs. Looking forward to working with you all over this next year. Heard lots of great stuff about Iron Major CF. See you tomorrow morning.

J. O'B said...

No rings, so subbed with 4 pullups and 4 std dips per MU.