Jul 19, 2010

TUESDAY 100720

Three Rounds for time of:

Row 500m
7 Muscle ups

Post time to comments.


George said...

worked MU during my warmup, then subbed half-jump on the MUs to keep the intensity up and focus on the transition from the pullup to dip when tired.

welcome Hoys!

chad.rambo said...

2k row and walk with weight overhead

rowed and then walked 4x with 115lbs from row machine to end of building and back.


Chemo said...

Since I am a newbie, there was no way I could complete the muscle up, so per guidance from my coach varied the exercise with jumping ring pullups and dips. Completed the following three sets:

500m row
10ea Jumping Ring Pullups
10ea Dips (had to use the blue rubber band for the last two sets)

Am having a blast learning the Iron Major Crossfit Program!

Chemo said...

Forgot to post my time 12:47.

Jen B said...

I'm having a great time meeting and training with some of the new IMCFers!
Still working on MUs, so as "chemo" posted, we subbed 10 ring pullups with a false grip and 10 dips.


Also, the Games were incredibly inspirational. I loved following Heather Bergeron's 8th place finish and seeing her compete...she was one of our trainers for my Level 1 Cert in April, and she's the owner of CF New England. Awesome! I hope the CF site posts some on the videos soon.

monroe said...

16:41 rx
SLOW on the MU's
Did this during the deluge, what a storm!

Ray said...

Did Monday's WOD today during the great downpour.

Parallette pushups: 21 + 10 + 9

BS: did not do sets across


145 is 30# PR for 5RM

craigrr said...

It's great to see the new IMCF posts...keep it up.

Huge day today:
Annie 7:42
Then went to brother in law's football practice (he coach's the D-line) to talk to the kids. Springville High School was state runner up in Utah 4A last year with high hopes for the season

Then went on a 6hr 30min hike up Maple Mountain. Very steep up the face with no trails; I was busting oak brush all the way up. It is a 5000ft climb and it is mostly verticle; mostly hand over hand to the top. I was up to the top in 4hrs 10 min and it took about 2hrs 20min down. I probably bit off more than I wanted to for today, but it was good to have done.

Brian said...

I made this up on Wed after running 5k. I did it at home, so I made the 50 SDLHP (45#) substitution for 500m row, and I scaled MU's by doing them from my knees (instead of the 4 Pullups & dips:1 MU ratio). 16:49

George said...

made up my own WOD for today (WED)

Fran: 21-15-9 thruster, pullup RX is 95, i did 75

5:44, a 3 min improvement at that weight, next time i'll go for RX


10 reps for time 135# clean and jerk

3 sets of 10 GHD back ext and situps