Jul 12, 2010

TUESDAY 100713

For wt.:

Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

These are sets across, so work to your 3RM and execute the sets.

Post wt. to comments.


J. O'B said...

Hi everyone. I got to my FOB on Sunday and did my first WOD in Iraq this morning. I tried to do one of Chris Spealler's hotel WODs. 100 dumbell cleans into thrusters with 35# and 5 burpees done every min on the min. In the video I saw, Kalipa did it in l0 min or so. I scaled to 25# dumbells and ended up stopping at 75 reps with a time of 12:52.
The gym here is pretty typical with the addition of kettlebells which was a great surprise. I definately miss working out at Leavenworth with everyone. I'll continue to check the IMCF site for programming ideas and will post from time to time as well.

chad.rambo said...

5 min of sumo high pull (65 lbs) and medicine ball throw at floor.

11.5 rounds completed

J O'B, good to hear from you and stay safe.

Brian said...

I made up yesterday's today.

Brian said...

For the Navy and Marine officers that got the brief yesterday, if you are reading this, you've found us. Feel free to post questions here daily, even to ask when various trainers work out. Welcome to the community.

George said...

built up to 185 on front squat, then did sets across, last round i upped the weight to 205 to push myself, it felt better than i thought it would.

J O'B glad to hear your able to work out and have a decent facility. keep us posted and let us know if we can send you anything

monroe said...

John, good to hear from you. You have a gym at your FOB that is more than rocks and sandbags. I am undecided on whether that is good or bad. No one ever tells you not to drop rocks and sandbags. Stay sharp, and stay in touch.

Warmed up with HSPU's, 3x5, then lots of mobility drills. I had a bike wreck last week that did a number on me.
Front squat:
I forgot these were sets across

Ray said...

Did Monday's WOD today- posted results there.

First day in clam shell gym. Lots of folks in there. Pretty cool; I think it will be a great place to CF.

Will be good when the pullup apparatus is finished.

Jen B said...

Built up to 95# and did sets across. Legs felt good, so I did a two sets of 105# at the end.
Stay safe, John

Ray said...

PS. John, stay safe out there. It's great you're posting from there. Keep on posting as it's good to hear from you.

Phil B said...

john, great to hear from you, glad you're doing well. check in often, and stay safe brother.

Brian said...

I made this up on Wed. New 3RM at 155#. Better than previous by 15#

Ray said...

Did this WOD on Wednesday.


J. O'B said...

I built to 165 then went across.