Jul 28, 2010



For time:
50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds of
Double unders

Post time to comments. If you're struggling with double unders, sub 2:1 regular jumps.



chad.rambo said...

10 min of 2 x muscle ups and 5 x push press (95lbs)

13 rounds complete (26 MUs and 65 push press)

Hoys said...

annie with 2:1 sub 8:09

then to track, one mile 6:08 3min rest one mile 7:16

working to a sub 12min 2 mile...still a ways off

thanks to neal for coming out this am despite having the plague...

monroe said...

WOD: 11:39 Rx.
Sit ups, among other things, give me cheek rash. DU's unbroken, situps with abmat, unanchored.

NM said...

6:04 w/standard "Army" sit-ups

George said...

had some issues with DUs this morning, couldn't string more than 5 together during my warmup, so after 20 in rd 1, i subbed 3-1 the rest of the time
I then harnessed my frustration into a 32 rep set followed by a 20 rep set, which is a 18 rep improvement for a PR

Ray said...

Short on time today as I only had about 30 min before having to rush home before my MBA course

Started on last Friday's WOD
Clean 5-5-5
FS 5-5-5
Split Jerks 5-5-5

Got thru cleans (95#) before running out of time

Thanks to COL Monroe for help with form/lumbar curve

Been doing CF for 6 months as of this week, started when 10-02 had their foundations class in late Jan. I am still humbled by all the WODs but have enjoyed the challenge each day.

Phil B said...

my nemesis...double unders...ended up subbing 2:1 after much frustration
9:51, situps feed unsupported (ankle issues)
sorry i missed the morning crew, i'm still hazing my minute caller for missing out.

Jen B said...

I had issues stringing DUs together...I need to keep on working on it. Maybe one day I won't be so "special" when in comes to DUs.
I did (mostly) 2:1
Abmat situps unanchored

Brian said...

I ran for 28 min, including CFE wk3 drills.

I made up this WOD on Friday prior to Seminar PT (2 10 min 1/2's).

(9:04 w/ 2;1 substitution, followed by DU practice.)

I can DU, but have not figure out strining them together.

J. O'B said...

9:58 rx'd
Situps were ABMAT style