Jul 14, 2010

THURSDAY 1000715

Run 5k

Post time to comments.


Ray said...

Did not take my stopwatch but put my time at around 39 minutes.

Sore, tired, stiff and slow. Humidity made it feel I was running thru jello.

Shoulders and triceps in 2nd day of DOMS.

craigrr said...

Still on leave. Did the following today:

50 double unders
25 burpees
24:39 as Rx'd

Then went fly fishing on the West Fork of the Huntington River in Central Utah. Caught huge native, cut throat, and german brown trout, incredible fishing

Jen B said...

Ran the trails at Wyandotte County Lake Park with my dog wearing VFF.


Brian said...

Today ended up as a day of rest. Fortunately, tommarow's Hopper has produced a run for me in the AM. A Class run....

monroe said...

Did this at the airfield at 0900 thinking I would beat the heat. Not so much as it turned out.