Jul 16, 2010


Rest, make up WODs as needed. Oh yeah, don't forget to check in on the CrossFit games, you can watch it live on their site. Get ready to be humbled by ridiculous athleticism.


George said...

made up Thursday's 5km run: 26:12, not a stellar time, but had some decent hills considering my legs were still really sore from a bad date with sage yesterday

chad.rambo said...

4 RFT of 10 x OHS (95 lbs), 30 x pushups and 400m run.

Time of 13:12

Brian said...

So, I tried dating Sage on Sunday, but underestimated the effect of the heat & humidity in the afternoon. My 2nd round was nearly twice as long as my 1st, and I was scaling the snatches to 75#. 2 dates (I mean rounds) was enough for this effort.