Jul 10, 2010


Rest, make up WODs as needed. If you think you're pretty good at jumping rope, chances are these 4th to 8th graders are better. Scroll down the video choices on the right to see their entire performance at a Navy Basketball game. Yet another skill that humbles me.


chad.rambo said...

50 x pullups
25 tire flips
jumped up 7 flights of stairs

time: 5:12

George said...

does anyone have any news on if the new building is FMC for tomorrow?

Jen B said...

I ran the Run Toto Run trail race at Wyandotte County Lake Park...awesome event with really challenging trails for Kansas. Bad Bed puts on a great race; I've done 3 of his events in the five months I've been here. The races are military friendly (discounted entry). There are a few more coming up too; if you're interested in a well managed, challenging but fun event, check out the website. psychowyco dot com