Jul 24, 2010


Rest, make up WODs as needed.

Now...on to the important stuff. In addition to leading the way amongst your peers in the realms of physical fitness, there a couple of individuals that are pushing themselves to help others that we'd like to highlight.

First, Dave Maxwell (who along with Mark Monroe kicked off this whole Iron Major CrossFit) is taking the charge to change people's lives for the better while downrange. He's working with another Army officer to train soldiers, but they are in dire need of equipment at Camp Spann, Afghanistan. If you'd like to help Dave turn some young soldier's fitness around, contact him here, and he can direct you in what ways you can help ($ for equipment).

Second, our very own Jesse Stewart is starting a non-profit to help the surviving family members of fallen soldiers from his old unit (TF 300). As we get more info on how to get involved in the nonprofit, we'll post it.

Where government provision fails, the compassion of the community fills the gaps and meets the needs.

If there are others throughout the community that are going above and beyond making themselves and others better, let us know so we can spread the word.


Phil B said...

first time really working on the snatch since my ankle surgery. felt pretty good, but couldn't the depth for 115 and 135#. they turned into power snatches.

Brian said...

I made up Fri's WOD: Cleans @125, FS @ 165, and SJ @ 125. I'm pretty sure that the FS is a new 5RM, but not sure about the others.

I also worked on hand stands. I can now hold one unsupported. For about an instant.