Jul 25, 2010

MONDAY 100726

Back to the track!

Four rounds, for time:
100m walking lunges
100m backwards run
(you'll complete a total of two laps)

Post time to comments.

Welcome class 11-01! This is YOUR CrossFit affiliate!


Rage Peterson said...

14:57 Great quad smoker! They need an indoor gym here at Fort Bragg. At 0545 it was 90 degrees with about the same humidity! Shout out to Jim Hoyman and Josh Bookout!

George said...

Buns of Steel: 15:17
a few weird looks from the retired couple next door out for a morning walk

Brian said...

CFE wk3 drills, then the WOD:


Hoys said...


If I had known Rage's time would have gone speedy d-back on my backwards run.

monroe said...

19:37, ouch. Did this bare foot at Park U soccer field. Lunges were long and deep. I suck at backward running! Came home and took an ice bath to help the hip heal.

J. O'B said...

18:03 and ouch