Jul 18, 2010

MONDAY 100719

Absolutely incredible games this weekend. After watching pretty much all of the individual heats, I was thoroughly impressed with the whole thing: the athletes, the WODs, the online coverage, the site - all great. I hope folks in our little CrossFit community were able to check it out and really see what some of the best athletes contributed to the larger CrossFit community. We'll be introducing some of the games WODs periodically just so everyone can experience the suffering first hand.

back to work!
Skills: parallette pushups - go for max unbroken reps


Back Squat

These are sets across, so work to your 5RM, then execute the reps.

Post wt. to comments.


George said...

pushup: 3x10 w/ feet on the ground, couldn't hold myself up at all, so i worked on getting a deep pushup

back squat: 225, 225, 185, 185, 185, 185, 185

dropped the weight to work on getting past parallel

he is a good site to help calculate your 5RM range based on a 1RM or to see if your 1RM should improve based off multi-rep max


chad.rambo said...

5 rounds of 3 muscle ups, 10 box jumps and 5 handstand pushups

Left the watch at the house, so no time.

Need to increase # of reps or rounds next time

Brian said...

Pushups: 22 max set. As I began to get unstable, the bars began to slip. Next time, I'll put them against the wall.

BS: 175, failing on my last round.

I had the games on in the background as I worked on some other things this weekend. Very exciting, humbling, and impressive.

craigrr said...

Just my fourth WOD since going on leave:

Cindy - 18 rds + 5 pull ups

Spent the rest of the day moving cows (in-laws ranch) from one range to another. Beautiful mountain pastures on the Wasatch range in central Utah. I hope to find some weights tomorrow or Wed to make up 'dating Sage'.

Hoys said...

my first post--in aug ILE class--great to see the new facility.

am 65min 8 mile run around post w/jb-

40 on para. push ups--first time, humbling

205, 205, 205(f on 5th), 195, 195 on squat

Josh D said...

225 across all 5 sets. should have gone a bit heavier.

monroe said...

Still dealing with a wonky hip, going to see the doc today.
Subbed DL, 225 sets across.

Jimmyk said...

Worked my my way up to 225 on the 4th and 5th set.