Jul 11, 2010

MONDAY 100712

No news as of this post about the bubble gym. At least one of the doors has been open recently, so I'd recommend giving it a shot, especially after all you guys moved the gear over last week.

Now...back to work!

10 rounds for time of:
Row 200m
Bench Press 95# (65#) 20 reps

Post time to comments.


chad.rambo said...

Worked handstands, pistols and L-Sit

Then Karen at 7:06, which is 30-40 sec slower than usual. maybe it was the ice cream I had this weekend.

George said...

made it RX for 5 rds; then dropped to 65# on BP for last 5 rds; changing the weight probably cost me a minute
did double unders after, got up to 14 unbroken

spoke to the gym guys and they said the contractor is not going to move the pull-up racks over, but they are going to install a new wall and mount new brackets, time TBD

Jen B said...

Ten rounds are tough!
I also made RX for 5 rounds, then dropped to 45# for the last 5 rounds.

The new facility is looking good. I hope they complete it soon.

Brian said...

23:02 as Rx'd.

Ray said...

Completed in 52 minutes. Scaled BP down to 75# at round 5.

Another deceptively challenging WOD.

Started out plenty strong w/BP and thought it would be an easy go. After rnd 3, suddenly started getting hard. By rnd 5, needed to scale down. By rnd 8, really struggled to get thru 10 reps at a time. By rnds 9 & 10, had muscle failure and needed help getting bar off rack.


Josh D said...

Sucked, as Rx 26:12. needed breaks after round 5.

RDM said...

This was a great workout! Kept max intensity entire time. As Rx'd 23:27

J. O'B said...

No rower so subbed 20 reps of 45# SDLHP for the 200m row