Jul 29, 2010

FRIDAY 100730


21-15-9 reps of
Clean (squat not power) (135#/95)
Ring Dips

Post time to comments, compare to 100209.


Phil B said...

couldn't handle the full elizabeth today as my ankle recovers, but her younger sister sure kicked my tail.
cleans scaled to 95#

Great to finally meet James and Zoran today, welcome!

George said...

scaled to 115 after 7 reps at 135, dips need to work on getting beyond parallel

Hoys said...

scaled to 95# and found it about right--was unbroken on dips.

7:18; great crew this morning---the gym/box/tent was hopping! thanks for the motivation phil, neal, & books!

CrossFit Darwin said...
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CrossFit Darwin said...

Thanks Phil - great to be here. I am doing mainsite wod's but will post away regardless. 7 rds 3 x cleans @165, 4 HSPU - 6.29. Its only a little bit humbling that Kristan Clever did it in 3.39 @135 at the games.


NM said...

12:08. 135# squat cleans pretty much broke me off this morning...after the first 10, I could barely string together 2 at a time.

Yep, awesome crew this morning...great to have James and Zoran out with us.

monroe said...

12:32 100lb cleans

J. O'B said...

19:04 w/ 115# cleans