Jul 22, 2010

FRIDAY 100723

Warmup: The Burgener Warmup...of course!


Clean 5-5-5
Front Squat 5-5-5
Split Jerk 5-5-5

These are sets across, so build to your 5RM and execute the reps.

Post wts to comments. Great job posting the last few days guys/gals. Keep up the great work! You're encouraging your peers, whether they post or not.


Jimmyk said...

Cleans 175
Front Squat 155
Split Jerk 135

Jen B said...

I didn't really push today; tried to work more on technique.

Cleans 75#
squats 75#
split jerk 65#

Chemo said...

Still in the learning mode here, so worked more on ensuring form is correct IOT build up to maximum weight.

Squats: 85lbs
Split Jerks:85lbs

Then played two games of Raquetball, followed by a two mile walk home.

chad.rambo said...

4 rounds of 10 x double unders, 10 x knees to elbows and 5 x deadlift (225)

Time of 9:37

Had trouble keeping my grip today. think it was a result of the farmers carry yesterday. whatever the reason this was slow.

monroe said...

Did this with my son today. If you really want to test your threshold of patience and coaching ability, try it with a teenager. Preferably your own.

Honestly it was fun. Max and I attended K-Starr's mobility cert, and it was a big help having a partner to warm up and stretch with.

SO, still nursing the hip I did 115# across for all three, concentrating on speed through the middle, finishing the second pull. Hardest part to coach, too.

Brian said...

Today was Seminar PT. I managed to make up 10 rounds of Wed's WOD before we started 1/2 hour of flickerball. Then I got 3 rounds of 5 cleans at 125# before having to go to class. The rest to be done this weekend.