Jul 15, 2010

FRIDAY 100716

Skills/Drills: the Burgener Warmup!

"Dating Sage"

Seven rounds for time:
95 lb snatch, 10 reps
15 pull ups
75 lb thruster, 20 reps

Post time to comments.


chad.rambo said...

Worked Turkish get ups. finally got 65 lbs on the left side a couple of times.

then shoulder press and push press

George said...

a very painful 51:38 this morning
scaled snatch to 75 and did ring pullups,
the thrusters didn't feel as bad as i thought, but still painful sets of 5-10

Jen B said...

I introduced a newbie to crossfit this afternoon, and rocked out a fran with him. Had to do jumping ring pullups.


stimey1975 said...

Chad, thanks for the help on the GHD Sit-Ups yesterday, I'm going to work the technique some more today. Your comments were spot on...

See you in class

Brian said...

Seminar PT this AM. Very hot and humid. 4 mile run, 2 min pushups, 2 min situps, and 26 buddy pullups. It was a good workout, but not even close to what was Rx'd. I hope to make it up this weekend.

J. O'B said...

3rds only - 29:30